INCATools Academy

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Welcome to the
INCATools Academy.  Here you can find 3 min videos on how INCA Aptitune can help with your PID tuning challenges. Click on the videos below to start or start here.


Tuning workflow
PID tuning play-button
Tuning with reduced OP kick
tuning with reduced OP kick play-button
START: Quick introduction
Quick intro play-button
Comparing AptiTune to ZN and Lambda
comparing AptiTune to Ziegler-Nichols and Lambda play-button
Tuning with no overshoot
PID tuning no overshoot play-button
Tuning integrating loops
PID tuning integrating loops play-button


Try out INCA Aptitune

Have you binge-watched our INCATools Academy, but want to look around the software yourself? No problem!

We have created a demo version of the INCATools AptiTune software for you to try. Use our models and pre-cooked examples to get a feel for the software. Try our the software for free.

Try out the software