Download a free demo version of INCATools AptiTune software

Did you know that PID tuning directly affects the production numbers of your plant? INCATools can help you with the most advanced PID tuning and control challenges.

We have created a free demo version of our INCATools AptiTune for you to try. Use our models and pre-cooked examples to get a feeling with the software. With this demo version you can:

  • Start from a pre-defined model (SISO or MIMO)
  • Modify some tuning specifications (such as; Overshoot, Max OP, Robustness on/off, PID equation from one predefined DCS vendor (20 DCS types in the full version))
  • Plot and investigate tuning results (Setpoint tracking, Disturbance/load rejection, robustness plot)
  • Compare different tuning results
  • Automatically generate PDF reports.

Gain insights into what you can achieve with INCATools.
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Would you like to see a short tuning video first? 
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